On Friday I had the opportunity to attend the MoMA’s free Friday program with my in-laws who were visiting from Denver.  We were so excited to finally see the Diego Rivera exhibition.  I love Diego Rivera’s work, but I love his wife, Frida Kahlo even more. If you haven’t had a chance to see the exhibit, I highly recommend that you go see it before they take it down again. The exhibit contains the original letters that were sent to Diego that ask him to please remove the image of Stalin from the murals, along with his sketches and response to the letters.

I was really entertained by their online campaign of “I went to MoMA and…”  You take a notecard and write or draw what you did, saw, felt, or read during your visit. You then submit it to an online scanner and it will post it on televisions throughout the MoMA.

I loved it and waited for mine to come up, but then I went off to explore the Cindy Sherman exhibit.  I went online today to “claim” my ID card and it gave me digital download of my trip.  This is a fun digital keepsake of our visit to the MoMA and I think it’s a really fun and creative idea, especially for families.  Check out the fun and interesting cards that people have posted from all over the world here!


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